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How to Update Flash in Your Google Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome has been around for years and made it to the top of the favorite browser list for many people. It was enhanced security, speed and extensions that could not be matched by the aging Internet Explorer, but that is what people wanted out of their Web browser. Speaking of security — Adobe released a new version of the Flash player. That particular update fixes 13 bugs!

So, why are you reading this article, you may ask. The usual method of manually forcing Chrome to update may or may not update Flash. This could be a big deal for some. Think about this for a second: You open up your favorite Web browser (Chrome) and you navigate to Help > About Google Chrome and you get to a screen that tells you that your Google Chrome is up to date, but in reality it may have an older version of Flash!

The good news is that you can check your Flash version and you can force Chrome to update Flash (if not up to date).

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Google is Working on Official Android for Raspberry Pi 3

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pis are cheap, credit card-sized, single board ARM computers with a focus on education and open source software. Hardware hackers, tinkerers and DIY-ers love the Pi due to its open nature, small size, and plethora of ports and software.

For just $35, you get a 1.2GHz 64-bit Broadcom BCM2837 ARMv8 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a VideoCore IV GPU, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.1. From there, it’s up to you to add all the missing components via external devices. For example: MicroSD card for storage, HDMI connected external display and for sound, use the 3.5mm audio/composite video jack. Everything else can be plugged into one of 4 USB ports, Ethernet jack, 40 GPIO pins, CSI camera port, or the DSI display port.

The Raspberry Pi computers have some Android support already, but the main focus is on Linux. This may change as Google seems to have opened an official Android code repository for the Pi 3.

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What To Do When Windows Updates For Office Fail To Install

Troubleshooting Windows Update Install issues can be a daunting task. People (including myself) automatically think that the problem is the Windows Update agent or services, and we start to troubleshoot that. There are many resources online that show us how to reset the agent, services and even have scripts that can automate the task. Microsoft also publishes fix it tools to assist with some of these problems. We can easily spend hours banging our heads why certain updates wont install.

I just came across a Windows 7 computer that has similar issue. Five Windows updates kept on failing to install.  I too spent a couple of hours running my collection of  Windows Update Agent scripts, CMD commands, deleting windows updates, and re-downloading updates. Nothing seemed to work this time, so I left the computer and went to lunch. As I am ordering my favorite Subway sandwich, it hits me: “It is probably not a Windows Update problem…”, I thought.

Went back to the office and looked at the failed updates screen. Voila! They were all MS Office 2013 updates. I looked at the system logs and I noticed that every time I ran the update, and it failed, Windows recorded it as Event ID 20 and  0x80070663 error. Quick Google search did not reveal the answer, so I decided to run MS Office repair. When the repair was completed, I restarted the computer and tried to install the Windows updates. To my surprise the computer installed three of the five updates that kept on failing before. Then I manually forced Windows to check for updates and it found 6 more updates related to Office. With fingers crossed on one hand and the mouse in the other, I selected to install those newly found updates. Fast forward 10 minutes later and a reboot — no more failed updates!!!

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