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Microsoft To Put Cloud Data Centers Underwater

Microsoft is working very hard to place data centers under water. They want our data to live underwater… Yes, you read that correctly! Microsoft revealed details for their new and somewhat unconventional project. Project Natick  is a mind boggling research endeavor with the potential of becoming the next big thing. Microsoft would be bringing the cloud computing […]

Drone Police!!!

When I hear the phrase “Drone Police” my brain immediately pulls images from some of the famous Science Fiction movies. Well, it seems like someone in Japan thinks that drones today can be so dangerous that forming a drone police squad is necessary… The police department in Tokyo is preparing to deploy unmanned net-carrying drones to catch […]

Cisco Spark Changes the Game in Collaboration

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 8, 2015 – Today, Cisco reinvents the collaboration experience. We are announcing a brand-new offer to deliver the three types of communication tools people use at work the most— messaging, meeting, and calling—from the cloud. In addition, we’re making it possible for our phones and video conferencing systems to plug into the […]

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    • Why Microsoft's private Azure cloud will fail February 2, 2016
      Microsoft released the first technical preview of its Azure Stack private cloud platform last week. This product will allow customers to incorporate features from the Azure public cloud with their own data centers. Why would you want to do that? According to Blair Hanley Frank, “People who are at ease with Microsoft's public cloud tools […]
    • Confused yet? Clouds crib from enterprise licenses January 29, 2016
      Two recent stories at InfoWorld got me thinking about how much enterprise pricing approaches are being infused into the cloud -- approaches that are much like the familiar enterprise software pricing of the 1990s. These pricing models are clearly aimed at the enterprise, not at the small-business market that made cloud what it is today. […]
    • No matter who wins in US vs. Microsoft, we all lose January 26, 2016
      The battle of government reach into data stored in overseas data centers should be top of mind for IT organizations. It has significant implications for whether cloud-stored data can be protected, and the battle so far suggests if either side completely wins, the result would be unpleasant. The U.S. Justice Department and Microsoft are waging […]
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