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Are Your Kids Ready For The Internet?


As grown-ups we hear people talking about online security or Cyber security all the time. It happens to us more frequently than we realize with constant mentions of security at work or in the news (mainly at work). Why? Because it is important. The Internet is an amazing place. It offers an infinite amount of resources and knowledge that we all can tap into. Millions of us spend countless hours every day being online. From checking email, reading the news, opening Facebook or LinkedIn, working to watching your favorite TV show on Netflix. If you are doing one of those activities, chances are that you are using the Internet. I like to say that you are “online” or “connected”.

The bad guys have realized that the Internet offers them unlimited access and opportunity to do wrong. Most of them actually prefer doing Cybercrimes versus the alternative face-to-face crimes. For example – it is a lot easier to impersonate someone and use the distance the Internet offers as protection and to your advantage than to physically confront someone and steal or hurt them. I am sure you can think of all the news about cyber bullying, harassment or virtual stalking. Of course most of you reading this article are fully aware of the dangers the Internet offers, but what about your kids? Do you think they are ready to safely navigate the deep waters of the Internet?

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Microsoft SQL Server on Linux!

MSSQL_LINUXMicrosoft is bringing its popular database software (MS SQL Server) to Linux and will be available sometime next year (2017). They announced this yesterday (March 7, 2016) and you can read the blog post HERE. Most people will think that these news are coming like thunder from a clear sky. If you’ve been following along in recent years, the release isn’t that much of a shock. Microsoft has been much more willing to support competing operating systems  (Think Azure Cloud Services) under CEO Satya Nadella, who was quick to acknowledge that Windows was no longer the center of the computing universe.

This is the first time that Microsoft has ever let the SQL server to run on a non-Windows platform. Enabling SQL Server to deliver a consistent data platform across Windows Server and Linux is not a big deal. I would go as far as saying it is a HUGE deal!!! Microsoft is making big steps towards positioning itself as a cross platform solution provider. Lets not forget that the majority of Cloud and even On-premises servers are still running Linux. This move will give customers a choice without the fear of being locked-in to use Microsoft Server. “…We would expect this will also accelerate the overall adoption of SQL Server.” says Al Gillen (group vice president, enterprise infrastructure, at IDC)

In the database world Microsoft is up against several free and open-source options as well as commercial offerings from giants like Oracle. By lowering its fences and making SQL Server available for Linux , Microsoft becomes more competitive. Despite the risk of losing Windows Server licenses, I think this is a good long-term move. Can we say that Microsoft has learned from their mistake with releasing Windows Mobile a little too late in the race for mobile dominance and is trying to prevent the same results when it comes to data? I personally think they are making these changes right on time considering the big surge of Big Data!

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Samsung 128GB SD card on sale – Is this a coincidence?

SDcardIs this a pure coincidence or Samsung is timing the release of its new flagship mobile device – Galaxy S7? I will let you decide for yourself after I lay down the facts for you.

  •  Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices will both support a micro SD card. A feature that is making its return by popular demand.
  • The official release date of  Samsung’s new flagships is March 11. Which is just three short days away from Today.
  • There are reports from around the world that Samsung had already started shipping the new cell phones for those that pre-ordered.

Coincidence or not, let us look at the awesome deal that Amazon offers us today. If you go to and search for Samsung SD card you will find the deal I am talking about. The 128GB EVO micoSD card is selling for just $39.99 and it is available for Prime members who want free shipping. Considering that this card is originally priced at almost $100, this is a great deal. If you pre-ordered the S7 / S7 Edge or own a mobile device that accepts an SD card and you need the extra space for storage, then I would highly recommend taking advantage of this deal. Keep in mind that this card is Class 10 micro SD card but its transfer speed is limited at up to 48MB/s.

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