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NVIDIA Launches Jetson TX2 and Smokes the Raspberry Pi (But There Is a Catch)

Yesterday (03/07/2017) NVIDIA unveiled the Jetson TX2, a pocket sized tiny computer (running Linux) of the size of a Raspberry Pi. According to NVIDIA the Jetson TX2 was mainly designed to help with artificial intelligence (AI) computing around us. Think of it as enabler of robots, drones and other devices that rely on computer vision applications allowing them to recognize objects and navigate around obstacles.

You will be correct to think that with a name like Jetson TX2, there must have been a TX1 model, and you will be right. The new TX2 is an upgrade to the original TX1 and it comes with twice the performance while needing two times less power.

If you compare the Raspberry Pi 3 and the new Jetson TX2, you will find that the Pi3 falls short and cannot compare to the performance of the TX2. That being said, the performance you gain comes at a price that many will opt out of. The Jetson Tx2 is priced at $599 and for that much money you can get your hands on a lot of Raspberry Pi 3’s. Those who live in the United States and Europe are interested in purchasing the TX2 can preorder now and the units will start shipping on March 14. Other regions and parts of the world will get theirs in the coming weeks.

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Cloud Expo 2017 – New York City, June 2017

If there is a single Cloud Computing conference you can go to, then I would highly suggest you check out the Cloud Expo. All of the information you need can be found on, but I want to give you a taste of what to expect.

This is a BIG event and you can easily get overwhelmed. There will be a lot of speakers, different sessions, sponsors and exhibitors. Once you register you may want to start planning your conference. If you do not procrastinate and register before 3/3/2017, you will qualify for the early bird discount. That pricing offers a significant price cut of $500 vs the on site price, so take advantage of it.

Some of the topics included in this year’s conference are: Cloud Hot Topics, Analytics, Mobility, Enterprise cloud etc.

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Cloud Security Expo

If you have not already registered, you still have time!

Cloud Security Expo is the first event of its kind in the UK, and is your only destination to meet the world’s leading suppliers to the cloud security sector, hear from the industry’s leading practitioners with CPE credits and network with thousands of your peers from across the cloud technology sector. What is better than having a face-to-face interaction with other IT professionals and/or Cloud vendors? You will be able to hear information security and cyber consultants speak and provide you with first-hand knowledge in the Cloud security field.

Hurry up and register HERE

Your ticket to Cloud Security Expo London includes free access to the 4 co-located events.

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