Virtuon launched a new service providing Windows virtual desktops running on the world’s leading virtualizaton platform. The VMware View 4 based cloud has pre-configured Win 7, Win Vista, and Win XP desktops.

This new Cloud based service provides users with “desktop” accessibility from any web browser and at the same time keeps the same full functionality and experience of the Microsoft Windows OS.

According to Virtuon, users can not only access their virtual desktop from any browser, but also use devices such as Apple iPad and thin clients and all applications and personal settings remain intact for the next session. How cool is that? Imagine yourself running late for a meeting and be able to access all your applications and files on the train / bus from your iPad…

Keep in mind that this service is NOT the same as the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), where you access your physical machine through RDP. With Virtuon’s Virtual Desktop you actually have your virtual desktop in the Cloud!

Forrest Blair, CEO of Virtuon, said:

“Virtual Desktops are the next transition step to the flexibility, simplicity, and scale of cloud computing. This exciting innovation also brings significant benefits to Systems Administrators charged with managing desktops. Operating System upgrades are simplified, expenses are reduced, and reliability is enhanced.

“Previously, companies had to launch a Software-as-a-Service development project to get their product hosted in the public cloud. With Virtuon’s Virtual Desktop platform, all they need to do is install their application on Virtual Desktops and set up a subscription for their users.”

About Virtuon:

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Virtuon provides a full spectrum of virtualization and cloud computing solutions including consulting, education, and software development.  Our Virtualization Certified Professionals possess advanced knowledge and insight to solve virtually any IT challenge.  By effectively delivering cutting edge business solutions, Virtuon enables scalability,flexibility and agility for any business.


Virtuon’s mission is to deliver value-added cloud computing and virtualization solutions through consultation, training, data center services, and hardware and software products.


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