Manassas, VA (Xigo) – April 5, 2011 – Xigo, the cloud-based solution that simplifies managing enterprise telecommunications costs, today unveiled a major innovation in telecommunications expense management (TEM) solutions: a free self-service platform that helps organizations of all sizes instantly reduce and control their telecommunications expenses.  Xigo’s Web-based application, Xigo Now, enables anyone within an organization to quickly upload wireless bills and instantly receive savings recommendations in just minutes, not months.  The self-service offering eliminates long ramp up times and complicated implementation processes typically associated with legacy telecom expense management products and services.

Founded as Invoice Insight by telecom and enterprise software entrepreneurs, the new Xigo is backed by more than a decade of expertise that spans wireless and wire line communications.  The company rebranding and product announcements reflect its innovative cost management platform, a true-SaaS solution that only Xigo currently offers.  Xigo proactively addresses changing and growing business needs without the cost and complexity brought on by multiple software platforms.

“The Gartner TEM Magic Quadrant identified a pervasive lack of innovation in the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) industry. The observation directly addresses the service automation technology used by the TEM companies; moreover, the same lack of innovation is also manifest in their go-to-market packaging and bundling of service features,” said Eric Goodness, Research Vice President, Gartner, Inc. “In our customer reference surveys for the TEM MQ, nearly 40 percent of respondents were on their second or third TEM provider and 15 percent had used four or five TEM providers in their pursuit for a quality vendor.  Given the opportunity costs associated with bid development and vendor selection and the switching costs if there is vendor dissatisfaction; users need to be able to reduce the risks associated with conducting due diligence for TEM solutions.”

Traditional TEM engagements are marred by complex RFP cycles, long implementations and unexpected cost increases for services, all of which are incurred before any savings benefit is received.   Xigo’s industry-recognized leadership in customer satisfaction eliminates the frustration caused by expensive “bolt-on” technologies and costly consulting services.

Xigo’s flexible platform meets the needs of all types of businesses, from small companies with as few as five devices to large multinational organizations with fixed, mobile and global cost management needs. The Xigo family of products includes:

Xigo Now: A free, instant, self-service, mobile focused expense management application that saves time and money in the management of companies’ mobile phone expenses.

Xigo Pro: An inexpensive, self-service expense management application to manage the more complicated workflow automation tasks associated with mobile cost management.

Xigo Enterprise:  A complete set of global, expert capabilities on a unified platform covering everything from wireless to wire line.  Organizations can pick and chose as their needs dictate.

“We love using Xigo to monitor our wireless expenses,” said Tracy Sullivan, Vice President, Provident Bank. “My team and I use Xigo to quickly analyze our wireless bills – some as long as 550 pages – in minutes and we instantly pick up savings that we never would have realized otherwise.”

“The edge of the network is now the center of business. We saw a clear need in the industry for something different. We know many organizations feel they are either too small to use a traditional telecom cost management solution, or are put off by the process of a traditional TEM engagement,” said David Spofford, CEO of Xigo. “With Xigo Now, we introduce a radically new, simple solution with a frictionless point of entry. We purposely designed Xigo Now to have 100% of the features that most companies would need to prudently manage their mobile expenses, and it’s free.”

About Xigo
Xigo instantly reduces and controls mobile, fixed and global telecommunications costs for organizations of all sizes.  The company provides the first and only solution that uploads wireless bills and automatically generates immediate cost and time-saving results — in minutes, not months.   Xigo’s single, cloud-based platform accommodates company growth without adding complexity and satisfies the full range of enterprise communications expense management requirements. Xigo’s success is attributed to customer-centric innovations and industry firsts with more than a decade of expertise spanning wireless and wire line communications.  For more information visit or email


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