Cloud Computing has changed how business/enterprise applications are built and accessed. It has greatly reduced the complexity of configuring, managing, and maintaining hardware and software for the businesses.

First we had SaaS (Software as a Service), and now we have started to see one extension of SaaS, and that is PaaS (Platform as a Service). I personally call it “SaaS Progression”.

In general, PaaS is a software distribution model (On-Demand platform) where the development tool itself is hosted in the Cloud and accessed via web browser. Service providers allow developers to build applications without installing anything on their computers. Businesses host their newly created applications online, without the need of any special local systems or skills. All PaaS applications are globally available over the internet. Sounds familiar? Click HERE to see why.

When you talk about PaaS, you cannot fail to mention and their products and services.

Back in 2007 transitioned from an on-demand CRM application platform to what they called, “world’s platform-as-a-service”, and that redefined how business apps were built and delivered. Salesforce’s PaaS solution is called and it is based on the Apex programming language.

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