The director of Google Federal, Mike Bradshaw, is speaking in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform during today’s hearing on federal IT and Cloud Computing.

The general message that Mike Bradshaw is trying to deliver is: “The Cloud improves security – The Cloud saves taxpayer dollars – The Cloud makes government more efficient”.

On the Google Public Policy Blog, Google has listed the three main points that Mike Bradshaw will make:

  • First, cloud computing can provide improved security. Under legacy computing models, data is stored on local computers – this is the equivalent of keeping cash under your mattress. Storing data securely in the cloud is like keeping cash in a bank. (To learn more, check out our Google Apps security whitepaper.)
  • Second, the cloud can save taxpayer dollars. The Brookings Institution found that government agencies that switched to some form of cloud computing saw up to 50 percent savings. To put that in context, the federal government is currently spending $76 billion per year on IT, with $20 billion of that devoted to hardware, software and file servers.
  • Third, in addition to securing data and lowering costs, cloud computing can improve efficiency and collaboration in ways that are simply not possible under the legacy IT model. Millions of individuals, businesses, and governments are already enjoying these benefits. We’re beginning to see federal cloud initiatives and more robust pilot programs, and we support efforts like FedRAMP to accelerate the process.

His entire testimony is available here. Google promises that there will also be a video of the testimony available soon.