IMG_3877Recently I came across this great little app (Truecaller) that helps you with phone number searches and identification of Spam callers. At first I was a little pessimistic about the abilities of the service, mainly because it is FREE. A couple of days into using the app on my iPhone and a few phone calls received from “strange” numbers, I realized that I had found a gem. The app is  developed by a Swedish company (True Software Scandinavia AB) and it simply works great. The company recently entered into a couple of interesting partnerships with companies like US-based BLU and Indian smartphone manufacturer Intex. Truecaller will replace the stock Android dialer app and become the default dialer for about 15 million new BLU smartphones later this year. That will help Truecaller further expand their already massive user base of over 200 million people!

Tired of spam callers and telemarketers? See what Truecaller can do for you. With this great app you can:

• Search for any number to see who it belongs to
• Identify unwanted calls and top spammers in your country
• See how many times a spam call has been reported by Truecaller’s community
• Automatically enrich your contacts with information and photos from Truecaller and various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+)
• Tweet and Follow a person on Twitter directly from Truecaller
• Yelp! Integration for faster business lookup results

Currently you can get Truecaller for the most Operating Systems and mobile devices. The obvious choices are iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, but then the app is also available for Series 40, Symbian, Blackberry and Tizen. Make sure you read the compatibility requirements before attempting to install on your devices. For instance, the latest version of Truecaller app for iOS is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch but it requires a minimum version of iOS 7.0

Do not want to install the app on your device? No Problem – you can use Truecaller directly from your Web browser at You will need to sign in with a Google or Microsoft account though.

Now let me be clear – the app does not work 100% of the time, but that is to be expected. I would say it works with about 70-80% accuracy. Considering the elusiveness of Spam callers and the money pored into this industry I consider this very good. You will eventually receive a call from a caller that Truecaller cannot identify as spam, but you can easily report them as such and help the others. The easy to use interface and quick results are a nice bonus.

This app relies mainly on the human element and it will improve and become better as it grows in popularity. Give it a try and see for yourself.

There are two more interesting Truecaller apps (Truedialer and Truemessenger) that complete the company’s portfolio, but those are only available for Android or Windows devices. I will review those in the future if they become more widely available.