Here are the 10 reasons why you should consider a Cloud based FTP service, and why  HostedFTP shoudl be your FTP service of choice:

Security – Full File Management Security in the Cloud

No need for you to purchase, install, configure, maintain software or hardware!

Hosted 100% in the cloud – Using Amazons EC2 and S3

Rely on one of the largest and best Cloud computing platform!

Scalability – Scale at any level as your company continues to grow

Businesses grow and their needs change constantly. HostedFTP will change and adjust to your needs!

Price – Accounts offer you pay as you go, cancel anytime, no risk file sharing

Different pricing modules are flexible and offer you the best value for your needs!

Integrated file sharing –  Quickly share a file, folder or even an entire drive with your contacts

Integration is the key to a quick file sharing!

Your Own FTP Server – HostedFTP server supports connections using TLS/SSL for enhanced security

Data security is everyones main concern and still the main asset for almost every business in the world!

SaaS – No downloads, quotas or upgrades to worry about. 100% web based

Start using the HostedFTP services today – Hassle free!

Ease of use – Drag and drop functionality makes file sharing it easy

No one needs complicated applications, systems, or devices. That is why HostedFTP used common drag and drop functionality!

Speeds – Offering one of the highest file transfer speeds anywhere

Everyone today is in a hurry and need quick and secure file transfers!

Branding and Customization.  – Private Label makes it possible to run HostedFTP as if it is your own file sharing service.

Customization and branding to fit your needs and business marketing strategy!