Each month www.saasdir.com release their most popular Cloud Computing searches and I have been trying to keep current on those as well. For you (my blog audience) and your convenience, I will post the results for the previous month here on my site.

Please, keep in mind that the most popular searches are not the best indicator of how good a company is in providing a specific product or service. You should always do your extensive research before purchasing a hosted or Cloud computing service.

The search result rankings can only provide you with a basic understanding of how much interest there is in a particular company and the product or services that it offers. Factors like extensive advertising, time of month/year, events, conferences and uniqueness of the product should be taken in consideration when looking at such search rankings.

1) Intuit QuickBase

2) StrataScale

3) StormOnDemand

4) GoGrid

5) CariNet

6) SoftLayer

7) Ezzi

8) vServer Center

9) Layered Technologies

10) Rackspace

The results from February 2010  Top 10 Most Popular Loud Computing Searches.