Storagepipe was founded in 2001 just as the dot-com bubble had burst. Companies were beginning to re-think the nature, future and purpose of the Internet.

Although – at that time – most companies had been looking at the Internet as a sales or marketing channel, the visionary founders of Storagepipe saw its true potential as a productivity enhancement tool. They saw that adoption of the internet was rapidly expanding, and new infrastructure improvements would allow companies to have faster bandwidth at a continuously-dropping price and increasing speed.

Back then, Storagepipe’s main challenge was educating businesses on the practicality of this new technology called “online backup”. Their thinking was years ahead of its time, and it wasn’t until roughly 2007 that Online Backup really began to take off and become the competitive industry it is today.

Today, Storagepipe is a world-leader in the provision of online backup services, and also supplies the back-end infrastructure & software for many other service providers and online backup companies through their Partner Program.

As computers became cheaper and the Internet became more accessible, the next major trend to appear was the sudden and explosive growth of data production. Many companies had reported that their data storage had been growing by 50% per year or more.

Once again, Storagepipe had been years ahead in adapting to this trend.

They’ve since introduced a line of products aimed at helping companies deal with rapid data growth. One of these includes their data archiving service which takes inactive data off of production equipment in a way that’s secure and fully automated. Another solution was their Email Archiving service which helps with compliance, email quotas, and rapid search/retrieval of old emails.

Today, Storagepipe is still looking forward and predicting tomorrow’s data management trends.

The combination of more accessible world-wide Internet access, mobile computing, and cheap hardware has led companies to shift from a traditional 9-5 schedule… serving a local audience… to more of a 24/7 schedule… serving a worldwide audience.

This trend – in combination with the continuing trend towards faster data growth, shrinking IT budgets and stricter compliance rules – has meant that tomorrow’s companies will require better IT system resiliency and faster recovery times in the event of a major disaster.

That’s why Storagepipe is now pioneering a suite of high-end rapid recovery and high availability services that will protect organizations from the threat of unplanned downtime.

Storagepipe’s approach to business data protection is a truly holistic one.

While they offer innovative, custom-tailored solutions to your company’s storage and data-protection problems, they also have the expertise to help you proactively prepare for otherwise unanticipated future threats.

Storagepipe is more than just a SaaS vendor. They’re a partner that works with your IT department for smarter and more cost-effective data management.

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