Storagepipe Solutions has unveiled a new video series that explores the benefits of data protection in the cloud.

Because cloud computing is such a new way to do business, many companies have struggled to clearly demonstrate the benefits of cloud-based services without relying on confusing industry jargon or complicated technical explanations.

One of the challenges faced by Storagepipe was: How to illustrate the features of cloud-based data protection, along with all of its many complex benefits… in such a way that even the most nontechnical users could understand it.

For this reason, Storagepipe has released a series of videos entitled “What If”.

Each of the “What If” videos illustrates the fictional story of an ideal candidate for Software-as-a-Service data protection.  In each of these examples, the video focuses primarily on the daily problems faced by IT users & administrators…  and explores potential opportunities for process improvements.

In one video, an IT manager must protect his company from the high costs of unexpected downtime.

In another video, an e-mail server administrator must find a way to deal with the exponential growth of e-mail data being produced by her users.

In a third video, a sales manager needs a simple and fully-automated way to manage the backups of many remote & mobile users.

Other videos are also available at the company website (, or through their YouTube to channel. (
Since 2001, Storagepipe has been a leader in online data protection. Their solutions portfolio includes services such as e-mail archiving, high-availability, online backup, and more… They sell services directly to larger companies, and to smaller businesses through Channel partners.
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