SDcardIs this a pure coincidence or Samsung is timing the release of its new flagship mobile device – Galaxy S7? I will let you decide for yourself after I lay down the facts for you.

  •  Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices will both support a micro SD card. A feature that is making its return by popular demand.
  • The official release date of  Samsung’s new flagships is March 11. Which is just three short days away from Today.
  • There are reports from around the world that Samsung had already started shipping the new cell phones for those that pre-ordered.

Coincidence or not, let us look at the awesome deal that Amazon offers us today. If you go to and search for Samsung SD card you will find the deal I am talking about. The 128GB EVO micoSD card is selling for just $39.99 and it is available for Prime members who want free shipping. Considering that this card is originally priced at almost $100, this is a great deal. If you pre-ordered the S7 / S7 Edge or own a mobile device that accepts an SD card and you need the extra space for storage, then I would highly recommend taking advantage of this deal. Keep in mind that this card is Class 10 micro SD card but its transfer speed is limited at up to 48MB/s.

If you need higher speeds then you should look at the other microSD card from Samsung (128GB EVO+) also on sale today. This card is also a Class 10 microSD, but its transfer speed is up to 80MB/s. The higher throughput will set you back $63.95. Not terribly bad considering the fact that you get 128GB of really fast storage that you can use in your mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, digital cameras or video cameras that supports a microSD).

No need to worry if you do not want to spend that much money. Samsung got you covered with its smaller EVO microSD cards. They are also quite cheap at $18 for the 64GB and the 32GB card for just $10.

You may want to hurry before the deal expires or they run out of inventory.