Cloud computing is gaining traction in the IT industry  by the minute, not days. It almost looks like vendors are in a race to offer more and more Cloud based services to their customers. On the other hand, businesses are also trying to transition into the “Cloud”, but who do you trust when it comes down to your data and client information…?

According to’ European president Dr. Steve Garnett, not all  “Cloud” computing vendors should be claiming Cloud credentials. He also mentions that even the more established technology vendors may struggle redefining their services to “Cloud-Focused”. It may be harder for big vendors, especially – he says, to re-architecture their software and services to fit in the Cloud.

QUOTE /Hanover Show/:

“A lot of the companies that are saying they’re cloud computing are outsourcing.”

“When you look at cloud computing and software as a service you need to look closer.”

“Look carefully at what some of these vendors are saying.”