SAN FRANCISCO –(Business Wire)– Mar 01, 2010 SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security, today announced the availability of solutions that enable organizations to ensure the security of sensitive data in cloud deployments.

Data is at the center of everything — allowing for businesses to run and enabling the products and services that will drive competitive advantage for them in the future. And protecting that data is paramount. Today, issues of risk, data privacy, and compliance are the chief inhibitors to most organizations’ adoption of cloud services. While security can be seen as an obstacle to the broad adoption of cloud computing, it can also be an enabler. By finding a way to effectively safeguard data in the cloud, enterprises can begin to fully maximize the business potential of cloud offerings, allowing for continued innovation and growth in the industry.

In response to customer demands, and in an effort to help mitigate the inhibitions towards the adoption of cloud computing, SafeNet offers the following data-centric security solutions to protect data in the cloud:

  • Intelligent Authentication Tokens – Ensuring that only authorized users gain access to cloud-based resources is critical for cloud providers and enterprises. SafeNet’s multi-factor strong authentication solutions ensure that only authorized individuals access an organization’s sensitive information – enabling business, protecting data, lowering IT costs, and boosting user productivity.
  • Secure Cryptographic Key Storage – A centralized, hardened security appliance manages cryptographic keys, access control, and other security policies. In addition, a virtualized instance of this appliance is deployed in the cloud to replicate policies and security enforcement on the data. Security administrators can dictate policy based on business content, documents, and folders in order to ensure only authorized users and groups access sensitive data. SafeNet hardware security modules offer centralized, FIPS- and Common Criteria-certified storage of cryptographic keys.
  • Secure storage in the cloud across file, application, and database systems —Driven by a need to use the cloud’s elastic storage, organizations can securely store data in the cloud, effectively using the cloud for the backup, disaster recovery, and archival of data. SafeNet provides protection of stored data through a hardened appliance that centralizes encryption processing, keys, logging, auditing, and policy administration across file, application, and database systems.

SafeNet’s intelligent, data-centric solutions persistently protect data throughout the information lifecycle and adapt to support emerging cloud delivery models – from today’s SaaS and private clouds to the evolving demands of hybrid and public clouds. Together, these solutions deliver the critical capabilities required for a robust, cost-effective, and secure cloud implementation.

“In today’s dynamic cloud environments, the legacy physical security approaches of the past simply don’t cut it any longer,” said Russ Dietz, chief technical officer, SafeNet. “With proven solutions that offer granular, persistent security controls, SafeNet enables customers to fully leverage the business benefits of cloud computing – without having to make sacrifices in security.”

With SafeNet’s security offerings, customers can fully leverage the business benefits of cloud environments, while ensuring trust, compliance, and privacy. As a result, users gain confidence in how data is used and shared, which not only promotes trust but fuels business agility, innovation, and productivity.

“With its focus on the persistent protection of information throughout its lifecycle, SafeNet’s data-centric security expertise and offerings will help put organizations at ease and ensure their trust in migrating to the cloud,” said Jim Reavis, co-founder of the Cloud Security Alliance. “We are excited to have SafeNet as a member of the Cloud Security Alliance. The company will be a valuable partner as we continue to help the industry embrace the opportunities of secure cloud computing.”

SafeNet is also launching its “SafeCloud” Web site to provide organizations with a central resource for information on cloud computing and how to implement it securely within their business environment. To visit the SafeCloud site, go to

For more information, please visit SafeNet in booth # 1039 at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on March 1-4, 2010