Many small and medium sized businesses are looking at the new concept – SaaS (Software as a Services). Why not the big enterprise? Well…in a nutshell the answer is pretty simple; because the smaller firms don’t have the internal resources to allocate for software research and development. Compliance is another big hurdle for enterprise level of businesses when it comes down to cloud computing and data residing in the cloud, but let me focus on the concept “SaaS”.

If you break down the “SaaS” abbreviation you will see why it is not a product.

“SaaS” stands for Software as a Service. The key word here is “Service”.

Every time you signs up for a “service” you expect someone to perform a service or job function on your behalf or maintain that service agreement. In our case when you sign up for “SaaS” services you get the built-in support, ease of deployment, quick configuration, unmatched accessibility, backup & reliability and lastly the right to use the software.

HINT: IT Managers – make sure that you read, understand and agree to the contract that you sign. Only sign a service contract if you feel comfortable with the “promise” that he SaaS vendor makes and the resources it has to keep that promise.

The cloud applications and services are quickly changing the customer service game!