SaaS (Software as a Service) is quite the conversation starter when it comes to matters of security. The anxiety that surrounds SaaS implementation with reference to privacy and other security concerns is an issue for many.

However those who already use SaaS or have implemented parts of it into their systems already are far less concerned than those yet to venture into the SaaS world. It seems that to be able to trust SaaS you must first use it.

A study carried out by Forrester Research seems to reiterate this premise. They concluded that companies who already make use of SaaS have a much lesser fear over security concerns. This is also reflected in companies who have decided to completely replace their solution with SaaS.

Contrary to this, the study showed that those who were using a few SaaS components or were only in the consideration stages still had high levels of security concerns.

An analyst at Forrester Research, Miroslaw Lisserman stated ‘…SaaS solutions are more secure than perceived by many.’ This is shown by the evidence that those who have fully implemented SaaS do not have security concerns, they have a better understanding. Lisserman believes that this shows the future of SaaS. Apparently the well performing service has to be experienced to be believed.

An independent researcher, Krishnan Subramanian reiterates the feelings of Lisserman stating ‘It is the responsibility of the SaaS vendors to educate users about their people-centric security practices.’ He too believes that security concerns over SaaS have been overly dramatized. He continues to state, ‘It is the responsibility of the SaaS users to get to know these details from the vendors.’

Re-focussing the concerns from SaaS to the vendors and users is a sign of how SaaS is truly coming into its own and will soon enough be a force to be reckoned with.

Proof of this can be seen in the growth of the sector itself. There has been a rapid expansion of SaaS solutions with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software functions. These ERP systems are becoming increasingly popular in smaller to mid-sized business manufacturers. More frequently, this manufacturing software is being used by industry distributors and in job shops.

There is a multitude of companies who are finding benefits from implementing these systems. Small companies who are part of larger supply chains are becoming aware of these benefits and the greater functionality of SaaS-based ERP systems that provide a fully comprehensive manufacturing software solution. Other standalone applications, by comparison just do not match up. This makes SaaS both an increasingly clever choice and the next new wave in the industry.