Sydney, 5 May 2010QMASTOR is excited to announce the release of its Performance Management Platform to be known as QMetrics.

QMetrics enables mining and bulk commodity companies to improve operational performance through simplifying the visualisation and analysis of key performance metrics across their organization. Improved focus on productivity, quality, logistics, and commodity trading and associated commercial metrics improves profitability and customer satisfaction. The QMetrics system will integrate to QMASTOR’s existing Pit To Port, PortVu and Horizon APS systems and will be applied across the mining, ports and power sectors.

The QMetrics system has been developed in conjunction with myDIALS Inc. the leading performance management solution vendor based in Colorado, USA. The myDIALS infrastructure will allow QMetrics to be rapidly deployed to our customers, be highly scalable and be cost effective for our customers. The system can be deployed in the “cloud” or on a company’s existing network infrastructure.

QMASTOR’s systems contain a wealth of information that can be further leveraged though the application of the QMetrics system. QMetrics has the ability to also visualize and analyze non-QMASTOR generated data such as safety, maintenance and ERP data and combine multiple sources of data together to provide a powerful integrated business intelligence tool.

QMetrics provides management decision support from the board through to site management, with near real time performance information and the ability to drill down to the root cause of performance issues.

Mr. Trent Bagnall, Managing Director of QMASTOR, said,”QMetrics brings a new approach to analytics in the bulk commodity industry; its ability to visualize and analyze data across the full supply chain is extremely appealing. The award winning tool set that myDIALS brings to the table is extremely powerful it already contains a number of data analysis standards and has off the shelf connectors to a wide range of systems commonly found in the bulk commodity industry.”

Mr. Wayne Morris, CEO of myDIALS, said, “I am thrilled to be partnering with QMASTOR, the leading supplier of integrated supply chain solutions to the mining and resource industries. I look forward to being able to provide QMASTOR customers with a world class performance management solution.”

About QMASTOR Limited:

QMASTOR Limited (ASX: QML) is a market leader in the provision of specialist management information systems and services to the global mining, port, power generation and other bulk commodity industries. QMASTOR has pioneered innovative solutions to empower clients to improve their operations and maximize profit through the efficient use of resources across the supply chain.

About myDIALS Inc:

myDIALS is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) performance management platform for the visualization and analysis of right-time performance metrics. myDIALS delivers unparalleled interactivity, knowledge sharing and predictive analytics to support cost-effective continuous improvement. Thousands of users across multiple industries – including manufacturing, financial services and government – rely on myDIALS to improve operational performance and business results through better decision making. myDIALS is based in Louisville, Colorado. Visit for more information.