Google strikes again with a release of a new set of very interesting cloud based applications for Android users. A new feature of the Voice Search app named Voice Actions for Android  and an updated Chrome-to-Phone!

Yesterday, August 12 2010 (Thursday), Google’s product management director Hugo Barra showed off and demonstrated an updated Chrome-to-Phone extension, which allows (Chrome + Android) users to automatically transfer data or open applications from Chrome browser to an Android smartphone.

The updated Chrome-to-Phone extension adds a button to the user’s Chrome browser that can send a Web link, a map, YouTube video, or selected phone number or text to the user’s Android phone.

Burke describes it as a way “to bridge the gap between the desktop and mobile.”

Hugo Barra also demonstrated Voice Actions for Android which allows users to perform specific tasks by simply speaking to their Android based phones. There is a set of pre-defined commands that help you accomplish great efficiency and also remain a safe driver. At the moment there are 10 Voice Actions supported: send text message; get directions; call contact; view map; note to self; listen to music; call businesses; send e-mail; go to Web site; and search Google. Voice Actions take speech recognition beyond voice-driven queries to spoken commands. They’re similar in concept to Apple’s Voice Control app on the iPhone, but they’re more broadly applicable.


The new version of the Google Search mobile app with Voice Actions and Chrome-to-Phone require an Android device running Froyo (or Android 2.2), the most current version of the Android operating system. They’re available in English only at the moment.