Mannheim, GERMANY March 24, 2011 – Mikogo, the free and easy-to-use desktop sharing solution for web conferencing and remote support, has revamped its software and released Version 4.0 as an open beta release. With a brand new and innovative user interface, Mikogo 4.0 encompasses a broad range of new features to meet the ever-increasing demand for  its  services in the online collaboration market. Mikogo has released the open beta for everyone to use – from freelancers, SMBs to large enterprises  – and has simplified the use of its software  even further  to encourage more businesses to adopt the use of web conferencing software.

Mikogo’s software has always been praised for simplicity and ease of use  – a core trait that has been enhanced further in the design and development of Version 4.0. The new software  boasts a brand-new user interface in the form of a small panel on the screen of the user. The advantage is that the interface drawers can be expanded and retracted as the user accesses different features. This keeps the panel to a minimal size, keeping the presentation space as clear as possible, and maintains the unobtrusive feel of Mikogo. Furthermore to assist first-time users,  help tips are incorporated into the interface, which can again be easily closed when the user is familiar with the software.

In addition to the innovative user interface, Mikogo 4.0 has incorporated a wide range of new features, some of the most notable being the following: a chat function, dual-monitor support, profile manager, participant list, participant emoticons, and internationalization with the software available in multiple languages.

“While building a new-look interface and adding further features, our main aim was to continue providingan innovative and easy-to-use  platform that can be used by anyone in a range of workplaces and industries,” explains Mark Zondler, Mikogo’s  Managing Director and Co-Founder. “The new interface is user-friendly and encourages users to click through the software while help tips point them in the right direction. The idea behind this is for the interface itself to train the user.”

And Mikogo is not stopping here. While the web conferencing world  tests out  Version 4.0, Mikogo’s development team are working on further functionality including apps for the iPad, iPhone, and Android phones, a Linux version, company customization and branding, and releasing the software in even further languages – all to be released this year.

The open beta release of Mikogo 4.0 is available as a free download from:

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About Mikogo

Mikogo incorporates innovative desktop sharing technology to provide an easy-to-use free online meeting solution for high-quality online collaboration. The popular software tool is used by more than half a million registered users in over 190 countries, primarily small and medium enterprises, freelancers and private users.  Launched in 2007, Mikogo is provided by the renowned provider of web collaboration solutions, BeamYourScreen (, whose product range consists of software solutions for online meetings, online presentations, and remote support. At present, more than 2,000 corporate customers in over 40 countries worldwide are using the BeamYourScreen technology and benefiting from significantly reduced travel time and travel expenses.