Mark Hachman – March 16, 2010 (

Nearly a year after the company launched its Nehalem processor into the Xeon space, Intel on Tuesday announced the Xeon 5600, the so-called “Westmere EP.”

The Xeon 5600 is available in configurations up to six cores, as well as low-power derivatives. According to Intel, the chip – Intel’s first 32-nm Xeon – offers 60 percent more performance than the 45-nm Xeon 5500that Intel announced last March, and includes support for AES New Instructions as well as Trusted Execution Technology, which examines all of the processing components and checks them against a known, trusted profile.

In all, the Xeon 5600 is designed to accelerate and secure cloud computing environments, a small but growing segment of the IT industry. Intel has found selling security to be a challenge, as Intel’s chief technology officer Justin Rattner acknowledged to a group of researchers last week. But Intel executives also said that the pitch is a lot more relevant when a specific problem is addressed.

“If you talk to a specific IT manager, and start telling them a solution is more secure, with all that hand-waving, well… “Said Boyd Davis, general manager of server platforms group marketing at Intel. “But if can sell them a specific solution to a specific problem, than that goes over better. But if you just toss a solution over the wall, it can fall flat.”

Selling a solution will require assistance from software and other solutions partners, Davis said, which will arrive in the coming weeks and months. Systems based on the Xeon 5600 are expected from Cisco, Dell, Fusjitsu, HP, IBM, and Oracle, among others, and software vendors including Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Red Hat, and VMWare will support the new processor.

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