Many of you are probably eager to try the upcoming OS (Operating System) from Google: Chrome OS

Well…There is a fairly easy way to test Chrome OS. You can run it as a virtual machine on your computer. Here are the  steps you need to take in order to try beta test Chrome OS:

–          Find one of the many Chrome OS builds online and download it.

HINT: Always be cautious when downloading files from the internet. Builds that someone else has compiled may contain malicious code!

–          Create a new Gmail account, and use it for the Chrome OS testing! This will eliminate any chances of compromising your real Gmail account.

–          You will most likely need a tool like WinRar in order to extract the file after you download it.

–          Download a version of VirtualBox and install it

–          Start VirtualBox

  • Click on the  “NEW”button
  • Go through the wizard
    • Give the new virtual machine a name
    • Select “LINUX” for operating system
    • Select “UBUNTU” in the version field
    • Chose the amount of RAM memory for the virtual machine
    • Select “USE EXISTING HARD DISK” and click on the little FOLDER button
    • In the new window, click the “ADD” button
    • Navigate to the file that you downloaded earlier, and select it
    • Click “OPEN”
    • Finish the rest of the wizard by clicking “SELECT” à “NEXT” à “FINISH”
  • At the VirtualBox main menu you will need to select the new Virtual Machine and click on “START”
  • At the log-in screen you will need to enter a valid Google account ID
    • Enter the username and password for the test account that you created earlier!
  • You should now be seeing and exploring Google Chrome OS J

Good luck and have fun in Chrome OS!