It looks like Google is really dedicated to take away market share from Apple’s iPhone – iOS4, and lure them into using Google’s Android mobile OS. Currently this is not yet possible, primarily due to the popularity of the iPhone and the hundreds of thousand applications available through the App Store.

So, what is Google doing to increase the popularity of their Android OS?

You guessed right! – Very soon Google will be offering a free software called “Google App Inventor for Android”.  With this Cloud based software users and developers will be able to write / create applications for Android based smartphones, and the key here is that it will be a lot easier than before.

Google’s engineers had been working on developing this software for more than a year, and I really hope it would meet the growing demand and expectations of the mobile market.

So far the search giant (Google) has been testing the software in schools and different universities.

Harold Abelson, a computer scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who led the project said, “The goal is to enable people to become creators, not just consumers, in this mobile world. We could only have done this because Android’s architecture is so open. These aren’t the slickest applications in the world. But they are ones ordinary people can make, often in a matter of minutes.”

Google App Inventor for Android is visual web-based software allowing users simple drag and drop controls to create applications. The only requirement to begin using this new software will be to have a valid/active Gmail account. If you do not have one, you can easily create one in a few simple steps. Simply go to and click on “Create an account” button.

As a heavy smartphone user, I am thrilled to see the final product in action!