The global Internet search giant Google Inc. announced its plans to hire 300 people to double its engineering headcount in India and strengthen Hyderabad as its largest cloud computing research and development center in the world.

The firm plans to recruit 300 engineers in couple of years to increase its presence in India with focus on cloud computing.

Peeyush Ranjan, managing Director Google India R&D, shared with reporters that 300 engineers were already working in Hyderabad and Bangalore on cloud computing.

Cloud computing is web-based processing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices such as smart phones on demand over the Internet.

Google already has cloud computing centers in Mountain View in California and New York but the Hyderabad center is the largest in terms of the number of engineers working there.

Google already has 2,000 employees in India and the Hyderabad engineering center will be core to its efforts to focus on cloud computing, he said.

While the engineering center in Bangalore is working on cloud computing as well as search, ads, maps and news, the Hyderabad center is focusing only on cloud computing.

“The work being done in these two centers are global in nature and the technologies they are developing are for the business globally,” he said.

There is an administrative control panel in Bangalore which manages the business of a customer once it is up in clouds.

“India is a great market for cloud computing as it is the most price sensitive. Since cloud computing ensures efficiency and better utilization of resources, small and medium businesses are excited about it,” he said.

Google has around three million customers in cloud computing globally. About 100,000 businesses in India are already using Google’s cloud computing technologies.