INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Formstack, an Indianapolis-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, recently launched its new Launch Pad in beta, expanding on its existing form-building product to offer streamlined web solutions for small and medium sized businesses (SMB). The Launch Pad, currently available for free to all paid and trialing Formstack users, combines an online web form builder with a web page creator and tools for e-commerce and email marketing. By integrating these tools into one platform, small businesses can easily connect with customers without utilizing multiple web services, increasing efficiency and organization for the small business owner.

Exploring the Formstack Launch Pad

The three tools currently offered through the Lauch Pad beta are Pages, Stores, and Email. Paid and trialing Formstack users can try the Launch Pad platform for free until an appropriate pricing structure is determined through customer research and feedback. Formstack is also currently developing the capabilities for three additional Launch Pad tools: an event management dashboard, an internal workflow tool, and a CRM – which will be included in the post-beta Lauch Pad re-introduction.

The Pages tool allows Launch Pad users to create a simple landing page to display forms and links to any published e-commerce stores. The pages include customizable templates and branding capabilities, allowing users to upload a company logo to make the page more recognizable and professional. All pages can be published in seconds and come with a unique URL which can be easily shared via email or social media.

After a user has created a webpage, they can build a virtual storefront using the Stores tool. While Formstack users previously had the ability to sell products using a Formstack form with a selected payment integration, this e-commerce function allows these products to be displayed in a more appealing and simplified way. Users can display multiple products on one page, including a photo and a link to a product page with more information. With the addition of a shopping cart tool, store visitors can place multiple items in their cart before checking out. In addition, store builders can sync their storefront with one of Formstack’s multiple payment integrations, which users can access upon checkout.

Once these two components have been published, the small business owner can promote site and store traffic using the Email tool, which provides basic email marketing capabilities to Formstack users. This tool allows users to create an email list using existing form submissions. By creating a form with an email field, Launch Pad users can quickly generate email lists and send customers CAN-SPAM-compliant updates from their Formstack account. The email campaigns can be customized and branded in accordance with the user’s organizational appearance.

Positioning Formstack’s Launch Pad Among Other SMB Web Tools

Formstack’s new Launch Pad has the potential to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for small business owners and their administrative needs. While there are many applications that serve the small business market through the respective categories of web pages, e-commerce and email marketing, there are very few businesses that are aggregating all of these tools in one comprehensive suite. Zoho is probably one of the closest competitors to Formstack’s new Launch Pad, while other marketing automation tools like Hubspot could also be considered competitors. However, it is more likely that many of the small business owners don’t understand the idea and complexity of “Marketing Automation”. Formstack tools are neatly situated to meet the needs of those who are looking for a wide range of tools to help get their fundamental business needs met.

Another unique value proposition that Formstack’s Launch Pad brings to the marketplace is that these tools, like Email and Pages, can be used as a starting point for small business owners looking to engage with a larger target audience. However, as the small business grows, it can grow into enterprise products like email marketing company Constant Contact. And because the Formstack form builder integrates nicely with over 20 apps, businesses can integrate their form data quickly and reduce their transfer costs when utilizing additional web products.

An Opportunity to Test Formstack and the New Launch Pad

All current Formstack users can temporarily test the new Launch Pad for free inside its existing accounts. In addition, new trial users can access the original form builder, as well as the Launch Pad beta, free for 14 days. As Formstack is still determining an appropriate pricing plan for the Launch Pad, users can access a feedback survey to give input on pricing ideas as well as the Launch Pad itself. For more information on Formstack and the new Launch Pad, please visit the Formstack website.

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