As supporter of Cloud computing I strongly believe that it is the future of computing for most small & midsize companies. Yes, this industry wide transformation will not happen overnight, but in reality, it should not! There are a lot of security and transitional “quirks” that will have to be worked out by the Cloud computing providers before IT professionals begin to trust the “Cloud” with their data.

OK – OK – OK, I get it! Data is still the most precious asset that businesses have, and keeping it safe is a top priority for all IT managers, it is for me as well!

As an IT professional who is responsible for a lot of client information and data, I understand why people are still anxious about SaaS and moving their businesses into the Cloud, but I can also assure you that if you or your IT department are not evaluating or at least keeping current on Cloud computing and news, then you will have some catch up to do! CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) is a great place to start!

Year 2009 was the year of Virtualization, mostly server side, but year 2010 will be (in my opinion) the year of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or Cloud computing in general.

Due to the poor economy most businesses are running tight budgets this year, and yet no one wants to stay behind when it comes down to information technology. The business to business competition is fierce, and many businesses are even struggling to stay open. The solution for many will be – Cloud Computing!

Cloud computing offers many benefits when it comes down to initial cost to implement, ease of management, maintenance, and mobility.

MY ADVICE – Do not fear the Cloud! – Get in it!

  • Find the right Cloud vendor and ask for their trial software!
  • Test different products and find the one you think will best fit your business needs!
  • Implement this new Cloud based product on a small base, or maybe even run it in parallel with your legacy system!
  • Continue to follow the changes and trends in Cloud computing (Things will rapidly change in the next 24 -36 months)!
  • Enjoy the savings and ease of maintenance!
  • Allow your IT management to shift focus from constant server updates, patches, issues to growing your business and making sure the right applications are in place to support your workforce and clients!
  • Take advantage of the expended mobility that Cloud computing applications offer! Your employees can access information wherever they are and having disperse office locations is no longer a burden!