Social media today, makes up a big part of our lives. Some people realize it, other don’t (yet), but the reality is that one way or another we spend a lot of time on the web at different social media sites. Don’t believe it – here are some recent news/facts that may change your mind:

Recently the famous social media network (Facebook) became even more famous!

Facebook reportedly generated more web search traffic than Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

Facebook is responsible for 13% of the search traffic and redirection of internet users. Second place goes to eBay with 7.61% of traffic, and Google takes 3rd place with 7%.

According to some analysts the web traffic generated through or from social media websites has been rapidly increasing in the last few months. As of right now Facebook is the largest social media network in the world and it has more than 400 million users. To better contrast the recent growth of this social media giant “Gigya” reports that over 225 million users joined Facebook in the last 12 months!!!

If you are not living in the Cloud, you soon will…