If you are using the Adblock browser extension but regardless of that you still see some ads then you should know that this is not a glitch. The browser extension is working properly. Then why am I seeing ads on my screen, you will ask. The answer is simple – The creator of Adblock Plus is now allowing some ads to come through, if you are company willing to pay.

Financial Times published information that some of the biggest web companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon are paying to get around the filters of Adblock Plus.

According to Financial Times sources, companies are paying Eyeo (the maker of Adblock Plus) to be added to an official whitelist, which allows them to bypass the browser extension.

Eyeo has discussed the whitelist in the past as part of their “acceptable ads” program.This program is designed to let less aggressive advertisement through the filter in order to encourage companies to tone down their ads. he program is optional for users, but encouraged.

Adblock’s web site explains that by showing these ads, they are helping companies that rely extensively or completely on ads revenue.

While enlisting as part of the program is free for smaller companies, larger companies have been paying hefty fees to participate and sponsor much of Adblock Plus’s development in the process.

There are two very well known ads blocking browser extensions: AdBlock and Adblock Plus. This article references Adblock Plus.