The second version of the Cloud Security Alliance’s “Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing” was released and it is available to the general public.

As Cloud computing continues to grow and gain more and more popularity, the security challenges will increase as well. The CSA Guide provides a lot of guidance and summarizes research that an individual business simply cannot afford.

“The path to secure cloud computing is surely a long one, requiring the participation of a broad set of stakeholders on a global basis. However, we should happily recognize the progress we are seeing: new cloud security solutions are regularly appearing, enterprises are using our guidance to engage with cloud providers, and a healthy public dialogue over compliance and trust issues has erupted around the world. The most important victory we have achieved is that security professionals are vigorously engaged in securing the future, rather than simply protecting the present.”

To obtain the CSA Guide v2.1, click HERE

To obtain the CSA Guide v2.0 (Spanish), click HERE