On Wednesday, February 24th 2010, CA announced an agreement to acquire privately-held 3Tera, Inc.

3Tera, Inc specializes in Cloud computing services and solutions for deploying complex Enterprise level applications to both, private and public Clouds, while maintaining flexibility and reliability. The key to 3Tera’s success is their AppLogic solution that simplifies the application deployment via an intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI).

“The most interesting thing about 3Tera is their ability to give both service providers and enterprises a way to take existing applications and bring them to private and public cloud environments via an elegant interface. The process used to be done very manually, but AppLogic automates it and smoothes that transition,” Fry explains

The acquisition of 3Tera will provide CA’s customers/clients with a smoother transition into the private and public Cloud computing. Some believe that 3Tera will help CA “open” the door for a lot of Enterprise level customers looking to get into the Cloud.

CA head executives did not specify an exact date for the completion of this acquisition deal, but mentioned that it should not take more than a few weeks.