Earlier today I posted a news article about the security threats of Cloud computing, identified by the Cloud Security Alliance and HP.

It was a very good article, but it was a little too long and “fluffy”. So, I decided to write my own article that focuses on the “Enemies” of Cloud computing.

By now everyone that has even heard the words Cloud and Computing on one sentence knows how important it is to follow the development of this new trend. Soon enough businesses are going to start move out of the traditional IT services and infrastructures and move in to the “Cloud”. One factor that helps this trend become so popular and so fast is the current economy and the shrinking IT budgets. Cloud computing offers many benefits when it comes down to initial cost to implement and ease of management and maintenance.

One would ask – If Cloud computing is so great, why is on not everywhere by now? Why are the big companies not using it exclusively?

The simple answer would be – It is a fairly new technology and people are skeptical. Many IT Directors and CIOs are very cautious when it comes down to company’s data security. Most of them had to work very hard to get to their current positions, and they will not jeopardize  them with an early adoption of something like Cloud computing.

Here are the top enemies of Cloud computing, identified by the industry specialist as of Today (March 1st 2010):

– Possibility of data loss / leakage

– Possibility of account and traffic hijacking

– Sharing infrastructure with other companies using the same SaaS/IaaS/PaaS vendor

– Insecure APIs

– Malicious Insiders

– Unknown risk profile

I am sure that as time passes, the Cloud computing threats outlined above will change. I will try to keep the list up to date and reflective of the latest IT/Cloud computing trends.

If you see a threat that no longer exist or there is one that you think needs to be on the list, please leave a comment and I will update the post!