Anyone that had ever used a product from Apple knows how highly anticipated their products are. Well…with high anticipation comes high volume of rumors and speculations. Apple loves to keep secrets about their new-coming products and technology, and they are “nasty” good at it too.

This time Apple is building something that is not easy to hide – a 500,000 square-foot data center is currently being built in North Carolina. This new facility is going to be nearly 5 times the size of Apple’s current data center in Newark, California!!!

So, the big question is — “What will this facility host?”

At this point there is no definitive answer from Apple’s officials, but we did not really expect one.

I am somewhat biased on this topic, but I truly believe that this new “monstrous” server facility is a stepping stone for some upcoming Cloud Computing products and service that Apple has up their sleeves.

– Could Apple be preparing to fight Google Chrome OS and develop their own “Cloud OS”? It would certainly make sense to develop and host a Cloud OS that powers the future iPad, iPhone or maybe even a device called “CloudPad”.

– Could Apple be thinking of a Cloud extension of their MobileMe? It would certainly help MobileMe gear up some popularity.

– Could it be a platform for a new hosted version of iTunes? I know an online version of iTunes will make me feel a lot happier.

– Could Apple be thinking of getting into the “Search Engine” business and compete with Google and Bing? It doesn’t make much sense, but it is a definitive possibility with a data-center of this magnitude, especially if there are others to come…

Only time will tell if Apple is building a Cloud Computing data-center, but the reality is that their current facility has become small and it will not be able to host all of Apple’s fast growing number of users, applications and services.