New research data shows that Android users are more loyal to the smart device OS platform than those who use Apple’s iOS. The findings can be found in the Ericsson Mobility Report for November 2015.

At the moment Android owns about 80% of the smartphone market. Apple on the other hand takes only 15%. Statistics show that overall about 80% of the smartphone users stay loyal to the platform of their choosing, and that platform is more likely to be Android. According to the data provided about 82% of the smartphone users that already own an Android device purchase an Android device when it is time for an upgrade. In comparison, iPhone users tend to purchase the new model only 73% of the time. What is interesting though is that when a new iPhone is released iPhone users looking to upgrade are more loyal to Apple, while loyalty to Google drops significantly.

“The regular launch of new iOS smartphones every September causes significant temporal fluctuations in device switching patterns,” Ericsson wrote in the report.

Ericsson studied various markets in Europe, Asia and North America for the study, looking at customers’ behaviors related to iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Speaking of Windows mobile devices – I must say that I am a bit disappointed in the end-user loyalty. There is no doubt that the new Windows mobile platform is very good and Microsoft is making all the right changes and updates, but when Windows users upgrade their phones 60% move to an Android device, 15% get an iOS device and only about 20% purchase a Windows smart device. Is Microsoft too late to the smart phone game…? Only time will tell, but it sure looks that way.