“Inspector Gadget” has always been a very interesting session here at the AICPA Tech + conference.

This year was no exception as David Cieslak showed up on stage dress as an inspector with a hat and a raincoat.

David Cieslak is currently a principal at Arxis Technology, Inc. and a frequent speaker for the AICPA, Flagg Management, Sleeter Group, K2 and numerous state accounting societies.  He has been named one of Accounting Today;s 100 most influential people in accounting seven times!

This year “Inspector Gadget” brings up a lot of interesting hardware, peripherals, software and communication gadgets. Here they are:


  • New Intel processors: Core i3 (Entry Level), Core i5 (Turbo Boost), and Core i7 (Larger Cache and Frequencies)
  • Solid State Drives (SSD): 5x faster than most HDDs, use 50% less power, and 6x more reliable than HDDs
  • USB 3.0: More and more PCs will ship with USB 3.0 that offers speeds 10x faster than USB 2.0
  • Notebooks: Still, the key players are – Dell, HP, Lenovo
  • Kohjinsha DZ: The laptop that offers dual monitors. See it HERE
  • Netbooks: Still offer great mobility for the road warrior. Price are as low as $160 up to $599
  • Smartbooks: No real future for that type of device, but it does exist. HP AirLife 100 that runs Google Android OS and a Qualcomm chip
  • Tablets: Many offer Tablets, but they tend to be on the expensive side.iPad is probably the one tablet that comes to mind as 2,000,000 people have one (Only 2 months after it was offered for sale by Apple)
  • Amazon Kindle: Wireless EVDO connectivity, Long battery life, but pretty expensive for a book reader $259
  • Amazon Kindle DX: The upgrade to the standard Kindle but comes with a beefy price tag of $489
  • Barnes & Noble Nook: Still too expensive $259
  • eReader: Spring Designs – Alex has dual screens and it costs $399
  • EnTourage eDGe: E-notepad, Audio/Video Play and recording, WiFi, 3G, 4GB RAM, Android OS and $500
  • Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro: Ultra-portable USB external Hard Drive up to 1TB and 7200rpm
  • Iomega eGo: Ultra-portable USB external Hard Drive up to 500GB, USB 2.0, FireWire, Built-in backup software and “Drop TEsted” up to 51″
  • Iomega V.Clone: Complete and portable PC image with auto re-syncing capabilities


  • CINQ: 10.1″ USB companion monitor for $249
  • SDHC & SDXC Cards: HC now offer sizes up to 32GB, and XC up to 2TB
  • Tuff-n-Tiny: Super small USB flash drive. $40 will get you a 8GB one
  • Netgear DGN2200M: Wireless-N router with DSL modem that offers 3G, 4G/WiMAX support. Price is $179
  • WiGig: WiGig Alliance recently finalized Tri-Band WiFi specs. Projected speeds are close to 7GB/sec or 10x faster than 802.11n
  • Casio XJ-S30: Ultra portable projector. XGA (1024×768), 2300 lumens, Under 4 lbs, Wireless, USb, HD adapter for only $700
  • LG HX300G: Mini projector. XGA (1024×768) LED light, DLP, 300 lumens, 1.7lbs, USB


  • Connectify: www.connectify.me turns your windows laptop into a WiFi hotspot to share internet connection.
  • Windows Live SkyDrive: Cloud based file hosting service, users that have MS Office 2010 can edit & save files directly on SkyDrive
  • Dropbox: Cloud based file hosting service, Free 2GB, Uses SSL, Super easy to use


  • Phones: The most popular platforms or phone OS are: Blackberry, Apple iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Google Android, Palm Web OS
  • Verizon MiFi: Portable wireless hotspot, operates on Verizon’s 3G network, Compacts and lightweight with rechargeable battery good for 4 hours of usage time
  • DataJack: Unlimited 3G internet access on prepaid basis with no contracts for 30 Days – $39.99
  • Aura Mobile BT: Make conference calls from any phone or PC. Rechargeable battery, Bluetooth or direct cable connectivity, VoIP with PC or Mac, and costs $93
  • Zomm: Bluetooth leash!!! Yes, that is correct – The device has a speaker phone, 911 panic button, and will sound an alarm every time you get away from your Bluetooth cellphopne. Price is $80


  • Panasonic HD-PLC: Power line Ethernet, up to 90 Mbps, and AES128 encryption
  • TP-Link TL-PA201: Power line Ethernet, up to 200 Mbps, AES128 encryption, and supports multiple HD streams
  • Powermat: Wireless phone charger for $99 (Ouch)
  • Kensington 4-Port USB: 4-Port USB Charger that plugs into a wall outlet
  • Duracell Instant Charger: Instant Power Charger that lets you  re-charge on the go
  • Mobile DTV: FREE for consumers, 35 stations
  • LG mobile DTV: Free DTV reception and a DVD player in one small package
  • Tivit: Mobile DTV receiver that pushes content to any WiFi device and has 3hr battery life – $120 and no subscription
  • D-Link Boxee Box: Downloads content from sites like Netflix, CNN, Digg, Pandora, YouTube etc. Plays back content to TV via HDMI – $200
  • Smartstor Zero: Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Digital Media Server. Provides storage up to 4TB with starting price of $289
  • LG N2B1: Network Attached Storage (NAS), access content over Internet, Blu-ray reader/writer, up to 2TB for $550
  • Infinite USB: Never run out of USBs, as one plugs to another. See it HERE
  • Sony Dash: Personal Internet viewer, 1,000 free apps, 7″ LCD, WiFi capable, and price tag of $199
  • SPOT Staellite Messenger Personal Tracker: Uses both GPS and Satellite to report location to friends and family. $169 + $99/yr. fee
  • Smartshopper: Magnetic, pre-programmed shopper assistant. It has voice recognition and nearly 2,500 items. Shopping list prints by category – $150
  • Thermapack HeatShift: Laptop/Netbook heat absorbing pad – $30