Session #53 of the AICPA Tech+ Technology Conference  – “Great Web Apps” was led by David Cieslak.

David Cieslak is currently a principal at Arxis Technology, Inc. and a frequent speaker for the AICPA, Flagg Management, Sleeter Group, K2 and numerous state accounting societies.  He has been named one of Accounting Today’s 100 most influential people in accounting seven times!

I won’t go into much detail, but will rather simply list all of them with a short description.

Let’s start with a “little” company, as David likes to say, called – Google

GOOGLE: Google offers a wide variety of web application, most of which are free for personal use!  The ones that David outlined were:

–          Search (Yes, that is a Web app)

–          iGoogle (Personalized Dashboard)

–          Maps (Directoins and Maps)

–          Gmail (Web mail)

–          Calendar (Web calendar that you can synch with many applications)

–          Voice (Interesting application that will give you a phone number and let you use it as a forwarder and screener for calls)

–          Reader (Oh, the famous Google reader)

–          Picasa (Online picture / photo gallery)

–          Goog-411 (Free from any phone)

–          Documents (Create, Edit, Store documents online)

MICROSOFT: Even though Google has the lead on Microsoft on Web applications, Microsoft is trying to catch up and slowly migrate their products in the Cloud. The most obvious is SharePoint, but  in order to compete with Google Microsoft is also moving (partially) MS Office in the Cloud.

–          SkyDrive, is what Microsoft calls their answer to Google Documents. Files stored on SkyDrive can be edited using the Web version of MS Office 2010 Web. The catch is that you must have and use MS Office 2010 to create / save Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files.

ZOHO: Next on the list is one of the most comprehensive Web Suite available – ZOHO!

–          Over 20 apps are bundled in the ZOHO Suite to provide the most complete solution and user experience when using Web Apps.

CACOO: If you need to draw diagrams and charts CACOO offers you that capability. Multiple users can edit the same diagram in a simultaneous collaboration.

BUBBL.US: A good Web App replacement for MindJet. Allows you to Drag n Drop, Share with friends, Print & Save, Brainstorm for FREE!

WORDPRESS: Started as a blogging platform, but evolved to be state of the art publishing platform and content management application. Also FREE!

MINT.COM: Online personal finance service that is easy and FREE to setup and allows you to: Enter & track spending, compare to budget, connect to all major banks that offer online banking, get notified of unusual activities or low balances.

BILLING BOSS: Online invoicing tool designed for small businesses. It is also FREE and so easy to use that you can start invoicing in minutes. It also has a mobile version.

SKYPE: Free long distance or international calls from PC to PC. Low rates are available for PC to Phone calling. Mobile version available for most phones today.

OOVOO: If you need video conferencing for up to 6 people, then look no more! Free version only allows for 2 free video calls.

MEEBO: Universal chat client that connects with Windows Live, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google, Jabber, Facebook. It is secure (HTTPS) and it costs $0.0 (Free).

LINKEDIN: Business rolodex, discussion groups, employee search, and screening.

TWITTER: Micro-blogging platform, but make sure you have a dedicated employee to “Tweet”.

FACEBOOK: When used for business purpose, make sure to only use to augment existing website presence.

GoToMyPC: Remote support or control that allows you to connect to both PC and Mac, remote print, sync & transfer files, invite guests, use multiple monitors and all that for $14.95 a month.

DMDM: A Web based conferencing tool that competes directly with WebEx and GoToMeeting. It is FREE for meetings up to 20 participants.

DROPBOX: Secure and SAS70 certified online file storage. It is FREE for up to 2GB, and really simple to use.

SENDUIT: Send files up to 100MB, but NOT secure!

GIGASIZE: Send files up to 600MB for FREE. Only paid version is secure!

LEAPFILE: Really nice online file sending solution. It has Outlook plug-in, integrates with Active Directory, and has a client Portal. One user will set you off $20/mo, and 5 users – $100/mo.

MOZY: Scheduled and automated on-line file backup. First 2GB are FREE and unlimited space for $4.95/mo.

IE TAB CLASSIC: Ever wanted to go to a Web page, using your fast Google Chrome browser, that was written to only support Internet Explorer? Now you can. With this Google Chrome plug-in you can open IE pages inside Chrome.

BIT.LY: Shortens Web site links. It is really useful for TWITTER or on-line blogging. The service is FREE and easy to use and get statistics on your links!

SOLUTO: Interesting concept and approach to computer problem resolution. The product is designed to detect and resolve PC performance issues that develop over time.

REMEMBER THE MILK: On-line to-do list management that is FREE and YES there is an app for that.

GOOGLE POSTINI: E-mail and Web security bundled with an e-mail archiving solution.

WIKIPEDIA: Free online encyclopedia.

SMART.FM: Set goals, create study lists. Track and learn virtually anything.

YELP: Locate, learn and review businesses. Mobile is app available.

AMAZON.COM: Still one of the preferred online shopping places.

CRAIGSLIST: Believe it or not, sometimes you can find good things on Craigslist. Businesses usually post ads for hiring employees. There are a few iPhone apps out there that make it easier to browse the content.

KAYAK: Travel search site. Find flights, cars, hotels or cruises.

PRICELINE: You name you price for flights, hotels, cars, cruises.

PANDORA: Online music streaming service.

GROOVESHARK: Extensive music library. You can create favorites, playlists, and libraries. Phone applications are available.