The SaaS Showcase session was very informative and the speakers were to the point with clear explanations and demos of the products.

Today we had 6 SaaS vendors presenting their accounting specific products that live in the Cloud and giving us a very high level of overview.

  • Avalara (AvaTax): Sales tax SaaS provider that can easily integrate with Quickbooks and even Dynamics. Automatically discovers sales tax and exemptions and it looks like a well packaged product accessible via nice web site Dashboard.
  • CCH (Next Generation Suite): New product that lives in the Cloud and eliminates database overload and confusion by combining all products in a single database. Users/employees/administrators have a single sign on and a unified place to work and collaborate.
  • Copanion (GruntWorx): SaaS based product that automates 1040 process. It simplifies the tedious process – Collect/Organize/Enter/Calculate/Review/Consult. Users only need a scanner, computer with internet connection and a web browser in order to upload their files to GruntWorx. Four different sub-products are available: GruntWorx Organize (PDF), GruntWorx populate (XML), GruntWorx Trade (XLS), GruntWorx Gather (PORTAL). The product works and integrates with UltraTax, GoSystem Tax, fx Tax.
  • Thomson Reuters (Ultra Office CS): The whole CS suite made available to user via Cloud Computing and SaaS technologies. All applications are easily accessible via web browser and they all keep the same GUI as the standard or local software instance. Some of the available features include hosted MS Office Suite, single sign on for users, and availability of Checkpoint PPC tools. The company is working towards an iPad integration for future releases.
  • A SaaS based electronic and secure clearinghouse for Audit confirmations. Integrates with the major Audit softwares from CCH, Thomson and caseware and it offers 1 day average turnaround with a product so simple to use that it only requires 8-10 minute training.
  • SpeedTax: A SaaS application for Sales and Use tax. It requires NO installation or maintenance. Very scalable product and easy to use. It has three flavors: SpeedTax Core, SpeedTax Plus, and SpeedTax Pro which combines the first two.