It is June 6th 2010 and we gather again in the beautiful Bellagio, Las Vegas Nevada for the 2010 AICPA Tech + Technology conference.

As every year, the organization around the event looks flawless. Big cudos to all people that participated in the preparation, worked out all the details and made this event a reality!

This year’s sessions schedule looks promising and I am eager to attend all of my technology sessions. For detailed list, please refer to the schedule that I have posted under the “AICPA TECH+” tab on the home page.

ROUNDTABLES, ROUNDTABLES, ROUNDTABLES!!! My favorite events of all. As I say that I want to be clear that I am not trying to insult the speakers, they are all great and I thank them for sharing their knowledge.

I truly DO believe that the roundtables events are the place to present yourself (firm), ask questions and find answers. Find the table with the topic of interest, spend some time with the other AICPA members, and then move to another table with a different topic. It does not get easier than that!

Some of the key topics today were: Data security, Document retention, Laptop encryption & Security, forensics, Backup & Recovery, Client portals, SaaS services, Cloud computing, Virtualization, Office 2010 etc.

For more conference coverage and details, stay tuned!

This year looks promising with so many interesting topics, speakers and a great crowd. I see many familiar faces, but also lots of new ones.

Oh…and yes – by popular demand I will stop at the sponsors/vendors booths to gather details on their products and list them all here.