WAI Ltd. is a software company focusing on delivering software products for SMB market as a service.
Their main product is the ADIOS Business Intelligence Cloud Platform which is used as a platform on which on-demand software products are created.
Recently the ADIOS Platform as a cloud service – ADIOS Software Cloud was released – available on www.adioscloud.com. Several products were developed targeting mainly SMB market that simplify the daily work of people working in various businesses.

The products are:
Manitoo – Powerful and yet easy to use project management tool with team collaboration support, billig and email marketing
SalesHero – CRM, billing, quotations and sales support for trading companies and eshops
Tribunal – Designed for law firms and legal departments

The features are:

–       ADIOS is a software Cloud – Your online software

–       You can install as many software as you wish

–       ADIOS offers SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

–       ADIOS products can be customized or created just for you and your business

All currently available products in the ADIOS Software Cloud are tailored for each business separately. I.e. – special product for architects, for accounting companies, for design studios, web designers …

“It Does not matter which type of business you run, ADIOS can help you. You can install any available software in your ADIOS account or we can create a software tailored exactly for your business.”

For more information on ADIOS products and their respective pricing, please visit www.adioscloud.com