The phrase “less is more” holds special meaning for many admins. Server consolidations, outsourcing arrangements, and scaling back services, are the new reality for many. Fortunately many email admins can get the same protection for less with cloud anti-spam. Here are five main reasons why you should consider cloud anti-spam as solution to your organization’s email anti-spam and anti-phishing strategy.

Save Bandwidth

If you take the time to look at how much of your email volume is spam, and how much bandwidth it consumes, you’ll quickly see how you can save bandwidth by filtering out all the junk before it gets to your border. Internet access, your VPN connections, and access to your website, will all experience a boost from the additional bandwidth that will be available once you implement a cloud anti-spam solution.

Reduce Server Load

If your servers are struggling under their current load, just think how much better they will perform once all the spam, malware, and phishing messages are blocked by your cloud anti-spam solution before they ever get to your mail server. You might just find that you can get another couple of years out of your current hardware, or add more users without having to buy more hardware, with the capacity cloud anti-spam provides you.

User Self-Service

Cloud anti-spam brings more to the table than just savings. It offers you services you might not already have, like user self-service. Users can click on links in their personal daily summaries, or log onto a web portal at any time to search for and release false positives rather than opening a help desk ticket and diverting resources from other, more important tasks. Enabling your users to help themselves is good for everyone; the users get instant gratification and your helpdesk team can focus on more important issues than chasing a missing email.


Another great service cloud anti-spam offers can help you when your network is down or your server is undergoing maintenance. The best cloud anti-spam providers include the ability to send and receive email through the same web portal that your users will access for self-service, providing you with an alternative webmail in the event of an emergency.


One of the best new services cloud anti-spam can help you provide is email archiving. Whether you need this for compliance, legal or regulatory issues, or just want to peace of mind that comes from protecting your critical intellectual property, cloud anti-spam solutions can also offer optional archiving services. You can implement this at any point in time without any upfront cost or additional configuration changes on your network, which makes it an easy service when the need arises.

Cloud anti-spam solutions are a great option for email admins facing shrinking budgets and increasing demands. They are easy to implement, require no upfront investment or significant changes to your network, and the costs can be easily allocated back to other business units since it’s usually based on a per user subscription.


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