Orlando, Florida – July 28, 2011 – 4PSA, a leading-edge Cloud Computing software development company, has announced today the release of Business Zone API, a REST based web service that 4PSA’s commercial partners can use to conveniently access and automatically provision cloud services and software licenses without any human intervention.

By using a combination of REST HTTP requests and XML/JSON answers, commercial partners can retrieve information about 4PSA’s products and services, order new services or software licenses, as well as upgrade or terminate existing services. Billing processes are integrated with provisioning to simplify the partner’s experience.

“With Business Zone API, we want our partners to be able to automate operations that so far required human input or processing. This new service boosts the integration of their systems with our own back-end facilities and accelerates the deployment of Cloud services,” said Elena Carstoiu, 4PSA’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

Coupled with the Cloud software licensing 4PSA introduced in February 2011, the new REST API stands out as a powerful tool for partner service providers because it allows them to easily provision flexible, pay-as-you-grow software licenses. With Business Zone API, it is possible to provision and manage 4PSA’s products and services, as well as other products from 4PSA’s business partners such as Parallels.

“We are enabling our partners to directly integrate 4PSA products and services into their portfolio and benefit from our automated systems. By using the Business Zone API, service providers can ensure a fully automated provisioning process even if it relies on a 4PSA resource such as a software license. The end-customer experience is also dramatically improved because the waiting time is reduced to a large extent,” Ms. Carstoiu also added.

4PSA commercial partners can have this service activated on request. Documentation on the new Business Zone API is available in the 4PSA Developers Zone athttp://wiki.4psa.com.

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