Orlando, Florida – May 20, 2011 – 4PSA, a leading-edge Cloud Computing software development company has recently announced the opening of its 2011 Cool Summer Internship Program, which offers graduates and undergraduates the opportunity to start a promising career within a leading professional environment. By the end of this program, which supports young and brainy talents, interns will have already acquired hands-on experience as well as contributed to building award-winning software solutions.

Twelve interns will be selected to participate in the internship program taking place at the company’s headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. As soon as they become part of the 4PSA team, the interns will start working on a multitude of challenging tasks and projects related to low level software development, web development, software quality assurance, performance profiling, and Cloud Computing marketing.

“We are pleased to offer talented students a chance to spend the summer in good company, while mixing work with fun and learning more about Cloud Computing and Unified Communications. By training students for the fast-paced work environment and by helping them improve their skills, 4PSA brings its contribution to the cloud software ecosystem.”, said Bogdan Carstoiu, 4PSA’s CEO.

This year’s interns will also have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the company’s next generation Social Unified Communications product that will dramatically improve the way people communicate, work, and enjoy themselves while using the ‘infinite’ resources of the cloud. “Our environment is attractive for students because we constantly take fast-forward ideas and we put them at work in solutions enjoyed by millions of people. Innovation is our daily routine, while ‘Work for fun is fun for work’ has turned into our motto.”, Mr. Carstoiu also added.

Here are the internship positions that 4PSA is making available for the summer: Web Developer (PHP, JavaScript), Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Marketing Representative for Cloud Technologies, Junior Security and Performance Engineer, and C/C++ Developer. Students interested in applying for the program can find more details: http://www.4psa.com/jobs-students.html and can apply online: http://www.4psa.com/jobs-apply.html.

About 4PSA

4PSA® is a leading innovative software development company, specialized in applications that run on computer clouds. The company provides, under the 4PSA® brand, solutions that help service providers and enterprises better manage their IT infrastructure, automate processes, and deliver improved communication services.

The 4PSA flagship solution is VoipNow® Platform, a suite of software applications designed to accelerate Unified Communications adoption by businesses and end-users. The products are built around cloud computing and provide unrivaled performance with the most comprehensive features, massive scalability, and the ultimate in automation. With the Green Commitment program, the company optimizes the use of power resources and helps organizations reduce carbon emissions. 4PSA is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certified by TÜV CERT.

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