Cloud computing has been a hot topic for the past 12 months, but in reality companies have been using that “Cloud” platform and services for years. It is just now the right time for many smaller businesses to embrace the beauty of SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

So why is 2010 the year of the Cloud?

Well…there are many factors that jump started this impressive technology, some of which are:

–          Low IT budgets due to the poor economy

–          No hardware cost or upfront investment

–          Increased business to business competition

–          Worry-free maintenance

–          Globalization of small/medium business

–          Popularization of mobile “smart” devices

–           Employee mobility and availability

–          Technological advancements

–          Streamlining of social media

Social media and technological advancements are last on my list, but they are surely the ones that affect more people that you can imagine. Just think about all people, including myself, that live in the Cloud and use cloud services on hourly bases. Yes, hourly, not daily bases – Hard to believe it?

Here is a quick overview of the many Cloud computing services that I use hourly:

Check email on my iPhone, blog on my site, post comments on other’s blogs, read online news on my netbook, work from home via VPN, have a web conference call, check my Facebook account, post on Twitter, save my files online, watch online videos and presentations, stream full length movies directly to my TV at home, check my bank account online, have a VOIP international call for free, record and upload videos with my Flip camera, purchase songs online while I sit in traffic, get real time traffic updates on my GPS navigation etc…

The list goes and goes and sure I have missed something, but now you get the idea why I said that most of us live in the Cloud.

The technology world evolved and changed a lot in the last 36 – 48 months. People are always on the go, constantly moving, working remotely, taking shorter vacations, socializing via the web, multitasking and rushing to accomplish more than they can. It is like a race with ourselves!

All this can ONLY be achieved with the help of Cloud computing products and services.